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Man would have reached the speed of light if there hadn't been
for those pulling the brakes - Veljko Milkovic

The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention - Nikola Tesla

Veljko Milkovic has registered some 116 inventions with the former Federal Patent Office and former Federal Intellectual Property Office, now Intellectual Property Office ( in Belgrade (Serbia) until now (since 1974 till 2015). On the basis of those requests, from different fields, around 40 inventions have been published and 31 patents have been granted, with a few on the way to be approved.

Veljko Milkovic submitted 81 patent requests in the first period from 1974-1991, whereas he submitted 35 patent requests in the next period from 1999-2015, whereof 31 patents were approved and the rest of the requests are in the patenting process.

Veljko Milkovic submitted his first patent request to the former Federal Patent Office in Belgrade (Serbia) on 30th August 1974 titled:

Pliers for round nuts - No. 14025 - P-2357/74

The same year he submitted 23 more patent requests for his inventions, some of which are the following:

Combined vise - No. 15327 - P-2566/74

Combined wrench - No. 15330 - P-2569/74

Hydraulic heating machine - No. 16156 - P-2701/74

Moving mirrors for a solar heater - No. 16157 - P-2702/74

Room fountain - No. 18870 - P-3156/74

Here you can see one of the earlier patent requests that Veljko MilkoviŠ submitted in 1980:

• System of reflecting materials for better cultivation of plants - patent request P-99/80

At this moment Veljko Milkovic has 29 granted patents in the field of mechanical oscillations, and there are some more on the way to be approved.

Below you can see titles and front pages of patent documents, for the latest 29 inventions that had been approved and patented, in the order of patent requests as well actual published patent applications:

•  Hand water pump with a pendulum - P-577/99

•  Fan with a pendulum - MP-32/00

•  Electric generator with a pendulum and magnetic bumpers - MP-37/00

•  Mechanical hammer with adjustable pendulum weight - MP-60/00

•  Electric generator with wind and gravity drive - MP-63/00

•  Press with a pendulum and magnets - MP-14/01

•  Piston water pump with a pendulum and electro magnets - MP-23/01

•  Electric generator with an elastic pendulum handle - MP-33/01

•  Wind generator with a two-armed lever and wind circle with an eccentric mass - MP-4/01

•  Instrument for comparing the amount of work created by a pendulum when it transfers the kinetic energy directly to the object with the impact of its mass and indirectly through a two-armed lever - MP-106/01

•  Device for the production of energy from gravitational potential and centrifugal force with instruments for efficiency measurements - MP-30/02

•  Piston pump with an electric motor and an excenter - MP-65/02

•  Sieve with a two-armed lever and a pendulum that oscillates under force - MP-78/02

•  Device for inspection of oscillations created by a two-armed leaver and a pendulum depending on the place of an impulse force - MP-80/02

•  Hand water pump with a pendulum - MP-90/02

• Piston water pump with an electric motor and cogwheels with an eccentric mass - MP-94/02

•  Mechanical toy with a pendulum and three oscillating levers - MP-98/02

Generator of electrical energy driven by an electric motor, gravitational and centrifugal force - MP-100/02

•  Hammer with an electro motor drive and rotating eccentric masses - MP-122/02

•  Horizontal press for briquette production - MP-129/02

•  Instruments for comparison of single-stage and two-stage oscillations - MP-27/04

•  A machine for the production of energy from gravity potential with instruments for measuring efficiency - YU 49463 B - P-087/02 + translation IN ENGLISH

  Device for studying inertial forces - P-390/04 - IN ENGLISH

  Instruments for checking oscillation with plate spring, pendulums with weights and wings - P-28/05 - IN ENGLISH

•  Device having oscillating elastic arms to drive vessels P-95/05 - IN ENGLISH

  Device for testing transmission of power by a flexible shaft and an eccentric rotor - P-172/05 - IN ENGLISH

  Electric dynamo with pendulum and magnets - P-165/06 - IN ENGLISH

  Instrument for examination of the effect of the mass of a two-sided lever to its oscillations when connected to a pendulum in a two-degree oscillator - RS 50180 B - P-2006/0094 + translation in ENGLISH *NEW

  Mechanical hammer with a pendulum and permanent magnets - MP-2014/0036

  Oscillating mechanism with a two-arm lever and pendulum bob hanging on the elastic tapes - MP-2014/0037

All additional information, as well as answers to any queries about the commercialization of the patents will be provided by the author.