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- Solar Sod House -

S A V I N G S   I N   H E A T I N G   U P   T O   85%

S A V I N G S   I N   C O O L I N G   100%

S A V I N G S   I N   L I G H T N I N G   A R O U N D   30%

S A V I N G S   I N   B U I L D I N G   M A T E R I A L   18-40%


So far, around ten of these houses have been built (4 in Novi Sad, in Sombor, Zaječar, Ljig... (Serbia)). The first one was built in 1979, and all relevant factors concerning this construction method have been monitored. It has been shown that the energy savings in this solar sod house are 85%, tenants are very satisfied with accommodation, and the construction costs are less than the construction of the over-ground house. This type of house was the first to have both a high degree of construction savings and heating savings. Watch eco-house videos - click here!

Instead of a traditional roof, ecological house has a layer of soil, protecting the house from low winter and high summer temperatures. In addition, walls are protected from erosion. Ecological house does not require deep foundation, large area for heating material, heating installations etc.

Picture 1. Vertical section of the eco house with soil protection

during winter (left image) and summer (right image) insulation

Savings in heating is based on reflecting surfaces i.e. surfaces that reflect direct and diffuse radiation of the Sun (around 80%). These are glossy coats (of lacquer and paint), aluminium foils and metal sheets on hard surface. You can also use milk-white paint, which is also acceptable since there is not much diffusion loss because the reflecting surfaces are positioned next to the window.

The upper reflecting surface is built into the eaves of the object and is fixed. The lower one is positioned under the window and can serve as a shutter.

Special attention should be paid to reflecting surfaces, since they are the cheapest solar device which, in addition to heating, also increases the presence of light within the object.

Glossy foils, metal sheets and coats on hard surface can be positioned on upper or lower part of the house. Upper reflecting surface is fixed and built into the eaves, and the lower one is movable and can be used as a shutter.

Reflecting surfaces are the cheapest solar device which, in addition to heating, also increases the presence of light within the object. Eco house in Novi Sad (Serbia), for example, had savings in lightning of 30%.

Picture 2. Reflecting surfaces placed under and above the window can be used

successfully, without blinding the tenants

Picture 3. The difference between capture and loss of radiation is 2.5:1

Picture 4. Two types of eco houses: Bastion and Crystal. 1. pantry, 2. soil

protection, 3. ventilation shaft, 4. living-room, 5. bedroom, 6. lobby - glasshouse

Veljko Milković still develops and improves this principle of building the self-heating eco-houses.

Experiences from past years

The owners of self-heating solar sod houses or eco houses do not have to worry about the heating material, they are protected from noise and vibrations, which places this solution amongst best achievements in the world - says one of the users Aleksandar Nikolić.


Watch the videos of Self-heating eco-house with the reflecting surfaces located in Novi Sad (Serbia) owned by Mr. Aleksandar Nikolić who lives in that house with his family more than 12 years and who speaks, in this video, about his positive experience of living in such house stating the advantages of building that eco-house with the reflecting surfaces... - see also the same eco-house with Google Earth - click here

Veljko Milković is the ideological creator (author) of this self-heating eco-house concept with the reflecting surfaces and the owner of this eco-house in Novi Sad (Serbia), Aleksandar Nikolić did a construction project for presented eco-house.

watch it on Google Video - click here (on this link)
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Details on self-heating sodhouse and eco house can be found in the book "Ecological houses" which had four editions so far. For information about eco-house, you can contact the author Veljko Milković, who is ready for any form of cooperation and further application of self-heating eco houses.

Photographs of the exterior and interior of eco houses
in Novi Sad (Serbia)

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