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Alternative guide service for the area of Petrovaradin and Srem (Serbia and Montenegro) is the project of Veljko MilkoviŠ. The goal of this service is to complement the existing, conventional guide tours, such as the guide tour of the Novi Sad Museum, and to offer a new approach in recognising the beauty of the Petrovaradin fortress and Srem.

This alternative tour also offers the possibility of employment for a larger number of tourist and technical staff.This alternative tour also offers the possibility of employment for a larger number of tourist and technical staff.

The idea is based on exploration and adventure, without dwelling on conventional topics.

The tour would include a 1-2hour visit to the underground galleries of Petrovaradin fortress with flash-lights and a dozen possible tracks..

The area of Srem would be used to look for the traces of legends of missing civilisations - only by means of sightseeing and conversation, without any excavation.

Positive side of this idea is a large interest of domestic and foreign tourists, which would also bring a positive commercial effect.

There are also negative aspects - the risk of encountering problematic persons at the sight, so that stressful situations, even injuries could occur.

Therefore, each visitor should be aware of the risks, which he would take on his own responsibility.

Several test-tours were carried out over the last few years in order to check the idea in the field, and there were no major problems. However, there were attempts of stealing and abuse of the idea by bizarre characters who should be dealt with by the police or psychiatrists.

All the information about the alternative guide service can be obtained directly from the author, Veljko MilkoviŠ, who is open for any kind of co-operation, suggestions, comments and criticisms.