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* NEW - July 10, 2009 *

New video

Superiority of Pendulum Drive
- Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy -


15th December 2008 - New theoretical and replication analysis by Jovan Marjanović, engineer:

09th December 2008 - New patent:

17th November 2008 - New theoretical analysis by Jovan Marjanović, engineer:

28th October 2008 - New energy surplus measurement by Jovan Bebic, engineer:

10th October 2008 - New theoretical analysis by Jovan Marjanović, engineer:

11th September 2008 - New video presentation:

Pendulum-Lever system different from simple machines better than transmissions

09th August 2008 - New replication video:

New experimental validation of Veljko Milković's claims
- two-stage mechanical oscillator replication by Raymond L. Head (USA) -

23rd July 2008 - New video presentation:

Cart with a pendulum - Vehicles with internal and inertial drive
watch it in YouTube video
- click the "PLAY" button below or click here (on this link)

16th July 2008 - Mathematical model and simulation done by Bojan Petković, engineer:


07th July 2008 - New applied invention of Veljko Milković:

Medical product - Hemorrhoid Toilet Seat

14th June 2008, Fox TV News, Belgrade (Serbia) - Video story about Hemorrhoid Toilet Seat
watch it in YouTube video - click the "PLAY" button below or click here (on this link)


06th June 2008 - New measurements done by Jovan Bebić, MSc, electrical engineer:

19th May 2008 - New theoretical analysis by Ljubo Panić, advance university student of astrophysics:

04th May 2008 - Original scientific paper by professor Nebojša Simin, physicist:

14th April 2008 - New analyses and measurements done by Jovan Bebić, MSc, electrical engineer:

25th January 2008 - New patents:

22nd January 2008 - New opinion by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. (USA):

16th December 2007 - Scientific paper abstract by professor Nebojša Simin, physicist:

01st March 2007 - NEW full video presentation (English subtitles - 35 minutes long - 38.3 MB size) with a new prototype and model - Universal Two-stage Mechanical Oscillator - A Mechanical Amplifier and new experiments (click on link):

Download NEW full video presentation of UNIVERSAL TWO-STAGE OSCILLATOR
35 minutes video duration - 38.3 MB size - click here!

watch it on Google Video - click here

17th January 2007 - Italian association "A.S.S.E. - Associazione Studiosi Scienze Eterodosse" ( and publisher of "Altra Scienza" magazine translated Veljko Milković's book "Anti-gravity motor" into Italian language
and published it in ebook format

13th January 2007 - Mr. Ron Pugh (Canada) and his associates made their own prototype of two-stage oscillator and pendulum automatics

9 kg pendulum running on 5 watts - download the video clip to see it - 5.21 MB

click on images to enlarge

24th December 2006 - Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. (USA) wrote a positive opinion on two-stage mechanical oscillator - 156 KB (PDF)

14th December 2006 - New patent - Instruments for checking oscillation with plate spring, pendulums with weights and wings - MP-28/05

12th December 2006 - Milković's two-stage mechanical oscillator is listed on Top 100 Energy Technologies by New Energy Congress

30th November 2006 - - the international free energy research forum started the discussion and research on two-stage oscillator

03rd November 2006 - New patent - A machine for the production of energy from gravity potential with instruments for measuring efficiency - YU 49463 B - P-087/02

21st September 2006 - Company Accord Case Ltd. London (UK) and Mr. Robert Schenk donated 500 € for the work and research of Veljko Milković