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Welcome to official presentation of the inventor Veljko Milković

Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - A Mechanical Amplifier of Clean Energy
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Over 500 companies in South-East Asia apply the patents of Veljko Milkovic's two-stage oscillator in their production

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Veljko Milkovic: Everyone can use my invention,

In recent days, many have been asking the Serbian inventor Veljko Milkovic why he is not asking for money from the companies around the world that produce and sell machines for heavy industry and which are based on his patented technology of the two-stage mechanical oscillator.

Milkovic states that he is not interested in money and that he is glad that with this move he finally proved that his invention is the greatest invention of all time.

- I'm not asking for anything, and everything I posted on the website is free, everyone has the right to look at the calculations and hire experts to make a machine with the help of which they will get free energy or cost reduction. I thank all the companies that mention me, and those that do not mention me could get started, because it does not cost them anything. I am still open for conversation and cooperation, and since I have an improved solution of a two-stage mechanical oscillator, I invite everyone interested to contact me for a free consultation.

Milkovic notes that companies that want to work on perfecting their machines, and on the account of his invention, are free to contact me, and at the same time he approves that everyone can use the drafts, without any obligations.

Novi Sad, Serbia, December 2020




After many years of research optimal solutions are tested on a prototype and a sophisticated and ultra efficient pendulum has been found applicable to fitness centers (New Sport for Clean Energy - Possibility of Practical Application) and can also be used as a mechanical amplifier for alternative energy (wind power, hydropower ...).

Besides that, there are new advanced technical solutions (like various magneto-gravitational hybrids) and other know-how solutions in the same area which have immense application width.

For more information, please contact the author Veljko Milkovic.

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Physics of the Pendulum-Lever Energy System: A Summary of Knowledge

Recommendations for Construction and Efficiency Measuring
of the Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator

The goal of this work is to summarize the findings from previous papers along with some additional comments and also to answer two basic questions: how to construct an efficient Veljko Milkovic two-stage oscillator and how to measure the quotient of efficiency of the constructed oscillator. The goal of this paper is to explain all the facts about construction and measuring in order to facilitate other people's efforts towards a replication embodying a high efficiency quotient.

Hand water pump with a pendulum
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The Oldest Archaeological Discoveries From Paleolithic Age


* NEW - November 13, 2009 *

Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator Research Progress Report

Pendulum Electric Brain

During the past year, Laboratory of Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillations Research (a subsidiary of Veljko Milkovic Research & Development Center) has been successfully developing "The Electric Brain" for the pendulum oscillations - a sophisticated multi-sensor system for collecting all necessary information from the pendulum swing/motion with the movable pendulum's pivot point in order to deeply study the pendulum-lever system and research the possibility of its automatisation. The development is in the final stage and the finalization is expected in the coming months. There are few snapshots of the current development status of this device.

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July 10, 2009



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March 12, 2009



* N E W *

by Ron Pugh (Canada), January 28, 2009


Video: New experimental validation of Veljko Milković's claims
- two-stage mechanical oscillator replication by Raymond L. Head (USA) -


I invite all people of good will who recognise themselves and their interest in my work and research, to cooperate and work together.