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Anti-Gravity Motor

by academician Veljko Milkovic

(2 reader reviews)

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Book Description

Publication Date: 1996 | Edition: 1st Edition.

Several years of research on the idea of movement of vehicles without an intermediary mechanism (transmission) resulted in this extraordinary book. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milkovic explains the new drive and events which preceded its making.

Having in mind some provocative statements in the book, one could expect even extreme reactions, but anyone should be free to express his/her opinion, especially if they are benevolent. The road from an idea to application is a long one, but initial effects in starting experiments are very convincing, same as initial effects of invention which found widespread use in everyday life.

The most valuable experiment result is that isolated forces created one-way movement of the model without intermediate mechanism. This is a supplement and confirmation of the law of action and reaction (3rd Newton Law), which was not revised since establishment.

Special value to the book and the anti-gravitational motor give the energetical and ecological aspect, which was the case earlier as well, where the inventor is searching for the solution that will replace the polluters.

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Peer Reviews

From Prof. Slobodan Krnjetin, Ph.D. University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Perennial research work of author on the idea of moving of vehicle without indirect mechanism (transmission), resulted with this exceptional book. Milkovic explains a new power and happenings which were previous to its origin on a certain unconventional way.
The most valuable result of experiments is that the isolated powers can perform one-way moving of model without indirect mechanism. There is also an attempt to improve and to confirm the law of action and reaction (The Third Newton’s Law), which hadn’t undergone any revision from its beginning.
Energetical and ecological aspect is particular value of the book and antigravitational motor.
After all, it is the same as it was with most preliminary inventions in which author is searching for solutions which will replace pollutants of nature.
I consider that the book has a practical value and unforeseeable abilities of superstructure in which every reader can find himself. Because of this reasons I recommend this book and like to bid Veljko Milkovic to experience forthcoming wide application of his new invention.

From Prof. Bratislav Tosic, Ph.D. University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Vehicle is optimal both from energetical and ecological point of view. Consumption of energy for its moving is minimal (the sources of basic energy are the gravitational powers). It is ecologically completely pure, because it doesn't use any fuel and due to this, there is no pollution of surroundings.
I think that the vehicle will find its practical application after certain technical improvement.

About the Author

Academician VELJKO MILKOVIC is a Serbian internationally awarded researcher and inventor being interested in past events, ecology and clean technologies. At the moment, he has about 114 inventions, some of which have been in use for years. He has designed 29 granted patents and written 13 books, some of which have been translated into several languages and several documentaries have been based on them (Solar Sod Houses - The House of the Future (1983), Ecological Houses (1991), Towards Anti-Gravitation - Compact Vehicles (1994), Perpetuum Mobile (2001), Petrovaradin Through Legend and Reality (2001), The World of Mysteries - New Views (2004) etc.). Moreover, he has received many national and international awards for his work spanning over many decades. His world-wide known invention, the two-stage mechanical oscillator, was declared one of the top 100 energy technologies by the New Energy Congress in 2006. more

Inside This Book

First Sentence:
The law of action and reaction (the third Newton's law) at first sight, beside engine, requires also
an external driving system.
Science & Technology -- Mechanics, Physics, Research
Key Phrases:
motion, inertial forces, oscillations, pendulum, technical innovations, inventions

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Product Details

E-book: 60 pages
Language: English-Serbian
Paper: 80g (black and white print); 36 illustrations and photos
Product Dimensions (Format): 18.3 x 10.6 x 0.35 cm (7.2 x 4.17 x 0.14 inches)
Shipping Weight: 0.060 kg (0.13 pounds)
CIP: The Matica Srpska Library Cataloging-in-Publication Data, Novi Sad, Serbia
Edition: First (1996)
Publisher: VRELO - Drustvo za zdravu ishranu i zastitu zivotne sredine, Novi Sad, Serbia

Printed in Serbia

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Reader Reviews

pre anti gravity, September 18, 2007
By sendtedemail

This book has some very interesting ideas and very original works. It does not directly talk about anti-gravity and how to achieve it. More so it talks about technology that the author is developing that could potentially be used in such a way. regardless this is not an instruction manual to make your Buick fly. Very much so worth a read, and it warrants the attention of any genuine researcher.

Anti-Gravity Motor by Veljko Milkovic, August 03, 2008
By paulnhunter

For the home experimenter this is a good primer on Veljko Milkovic's work with "pendulum motion", it shows the development of Veljko's thinking from his early interest as a little boy to his detailed enquiries as a man. 

Reading this booklet should help the experimenter to avoid needless repetitions and therefore be more efficient and productive in his endeavours. However there are a few minor issues:- 

Some of the English translations are awkward - e.g., I think "amortize" means "neutralise" ?? In the main, however, I think you can understand what is written. 

The booklet's cover depiction of the futuristic looking babe riding an "anti-gravity" device is a bit of a silly tease. 

Some of the technical reasonings require a good understanding of maths and physics. 

All in all I love the book!


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