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Reflecting surfaces (glossy foils and coats on hard surfaces) are the cheapest energy sources. In addition to radiation of heat, they also reflect light.

For the better growth of the plant, to the green house or polythene green house can be added reflecting surfaces, like in Picture 1. The same principle can be used for growing mushrooms, desalination of sea water or distillation of polluted water.

Picture 1. Greenhouse with reflecting surfaces in winter and summer period
A- direct radiation of the Sun, B- reflected radiation. C- double reflection,
1- base for the plants of the swimming pool with salt water, 2- collecting channels for condensation,
3- lower reflecting surface, 4- upper reflecting surface, 5- glass or plastic surfaces

Cross section of the greenhouse with reflecting surfaces
D- direct and reflected radiation of the Sun before noon, F- direct and reflecting radiation of the Sun in the afternoon,
5- transparent surfaces (glass, plastic), 3- reflecting surface

Thermal effect is achieved through less dissipation of heat from the north side because of the placed reflecting surfaces. Insulation is also doubled in the cheapest possible way.

Picture 2. Greenhouse with a reflecting surface in the garden of Mr. Djordje Ilic from Novi Sad (Serbia)
Photo: S. NikoliŠ 1992.

Picture 3. Ecological growing of oyster mushrooms with reflecting surfaces and soil protection
Garden for growing oyster mushrooms near Cenej (Novi Sad, Serbia) owned by Mr. Djordje Zikic, 1998